Anton Schuurman is researcher at the Economic & Environmental History Group from Wageningen University, Netherlands.

He worked at this group from 1978 until 2019. In this period he published mostly on material culture, rural transformations and the relationship between history and the social sciences.

He taught about the history of globalization, environmental history, rural history, development history, European history, the history of design, social theory. He still teaches about the history of the European Union.

He got his BA in early modern history and MA in social and economic history at the Catholic University of Nijmegen (now called Radboud University). His main supervisors were prof dr Hans Bots and dr Lout Bots. He obtained his PhD in Wageningen. His supervisor was prof. dr Ad van der Woude. He studied historical demography in Paris at the Laboratoire de demographie historique (prof. dr  Jacques Dupâquier). He was a Fullbright scholar at the institute of Charles and Louise Tilly at the New School in New York.

For his CV, download the file below.