Oratio Pro Domo

These are mostly historiographic publications on the Department of Rural History, Wageningen

History in Wageningen. From AAG to RHi and beyond. Some personal trajectories. (Wageningen: PALM-Uitgevers, 2021) (together with Michèle Gimbrére)

A day at the office. November 8, 2016. The chair group Rural and Environmental History (RHi/AAG) of Wageningen University. (Wageningen: PALM uitgevers, 2016) (Photos: Guy Ackermans)

‘Levensbericht van Adrianus Maria van der Woude’, in: Jaarboek van de maatschappij der Nederlandse letterkunde te Leiden, 2008-2009. Leiden: Maatschappij der Nederlandse Letterkunde, 2010, 145-158

`Agrarische geschiedenis en modernisering’, in: Spil (2001), nrs. 175 -176, 14-19.

See also this unpublished text on Jan Bieleman.